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Arizona Irrigation Repair
Arizona Irrigation Repair

Arizona Irrigation Repair LLC – Drip & Sprinkler System Experts!

Thank you for visiting our site. At Arizona Irrigation Repair, our goal is for your lawn to be the best looking lawn in Phoenix Metropolitan and surrounding areas . This starts with your irrigation system. In order to achieve a healthy lawn, we will get your sprinkler system functioning at its maximum efficiency at an affordable price. With drought conditions in Arizona, even a few days of your lawn in drought can cause damage that takes months for turf to recover from, so timeliness is crucial. We will always provide you with a  irrigation analysis. For your convenience, we are also open Monday through Friday. 

Irrigation Installs and repairs can be complex. Our sprinkler system Technicians must have a thorough understanding of plumbing, electrical, water pressure, hydraulics, precipitation rates and irrigation design for efficiency. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and correct your system accurately. Our technicians are equipped with all the parts and supplies needed to correct your issue the first time. Our sprinkler system installations and repairs are partnered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means if you’re not completely satisfied with your new irrigation system, Arizona Irrigation Repair will do everything we can to make you happy.

If you’re looking for a Irrigation system repair company, look no further than Arizona Irrigation Repair. Thank you for the opportunity. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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Arizona Irrigation Repair
Arizona Irrigation Repair
Arizona Irrigation Repair
Arizona Irrigation Repair

Services Offered: Sprinkler Repair Glendale, AZ

Irrigation Repair Goodyear, AZ Irrigation System Repair Sun City, AZ  Irrigation Repair Installation Mesa, AZ Irrigation Repair Phoenix, AZ

Sprinkler System Installation Phoenix, AZ
Sprinkler Head Replacement Scottsdale, AZ
Sprinkler Head Repair Fountain Hills, AZ
MP Rotator Installation Chandler, AZ
MP Rotator Replacement Tempe, AZ
Drip System Repair Scottsdale, AZ
Drip System Installation Paradise Valley, AZ
Low Pressure Diagnosis Anthem, AZ

Backflow Preventer Installation Scottsdale AZ
Seasonal Check-Ups Tempe, AZ
Timer/Controller Wire Repairs Carefree, AZ
Fix Broken Pipes Cavecreek, AZ
PVC Pipe Repair/Replacement Scottsdale, AZ
Hose Bib/Spigot Replacement Paradise Valley, AZ
Leak Detection Scottsdale, AZ

Subsurface Systems Carefree, AZ
Timer Replacement Tempe, AZ
Backflow Preventer Replacement Ahwatukee, AZ
Sprinkler Head Adjustment Ahwatukee, AZ
Timer/Controller Wire Installation Mesa, AZ
System Additions North Phoenix 
Main Line Installation Scottsdale, AZ
Main Line Repair Rio Verde, AZ

Service Areas of Sprinkler Repair Include: Irrigation Repair in Phoenix, Irrigation Repair in Scottsdale, Irrigation Repair in Mesa, Sprinkler Repair Chandler, Sprinkler Repair  Tempe,  Drip System Repair Ahwatukee,  Anthem,  Carefree, Cave Creek, Sprinkler Repair Fountain Hills,  Arcadia, Irrigation Repair Glendale AZ, Surprise, Sun City, Sun City West, Goodyear, Avondale, Laveen and Litchfield

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