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Revolutionize your point of sale software.


Total Information Solutions works with your business to provide retail management solutions that enable your business to perform. Manage your store and inventory like never before with our complete retail solution.

Hardware Packages

At Total Information Solutions, we understand that each business has it's own unique needs, that's why we offer customizable solutions that match your business.

Software Solutions

We're your retail technology partner. We live and work in the same community as you do, providing face-to-face service and support. Growing your business is our priority, and we provide a complete retail management solution.


Apparel and Accessories
Keep track of detailed items, manage inventory and automate purchasing all from a centralized system. Communicate with your customers to ensure effective marketing efforts and improve the customer retail experience. Learn More...

Automotive Aftermarket
Sell products in-store and online, track inventory, communicate with customers and automate purchasing with an automotive aftermarket POS solutions featuring functionality designed specifically for this industry.Learn More...

Specialty Food
Our retail POS solution features functionality designed specifically for the specialty food industry including support for catering and bulk items stocked by weight. Learn More...

Sell products in-store and online, track inventory, communicate with customers, and automate purchasing with NCR Counterpoint's footwear point of sale system. Our retail POS solutions features functionality designed for the footwear industry, including support for items with three dimensions. Learn More...

Furniture and Accessories Our furniture retail POS solutions features up to 5 alternate units of measure, integrated Ecommerce and website hosting, multi-location management and much more!

Gift Shops and Museums
Sell products in-store and online, track inventory, communicate with customers and automate purchasing from our all-in-one gift shop POS system. Learn More...

Lawn and Garden
Built for nursery industry, our lawn and garden POS software allows you to track your extensive inventory, manage vendors, automate purchasing, and use hardware designed to withstand the elements. Learn More...

Sporting Goods
Our retail POS solutions features functionality designed for the sporting goods industry including support for items with three dimensions and team apparel clothing. Learn More...

Thrift Stores
Our consignment store software is developed to meet the specific needs of thrift and discount retailers, giving you control over inventory, a user-friendly customer interface, and the ability to easily create donation receipts with tax ID numbers. Learn More...

Attractions and Recreation Manage admissions, gift shop and concession sales, rentals, and membership programs with one centralized system. Learn More...

Tools and Building Supplies Order entry, order management, integrated delivery and service scheduling applications and much more make managing your hard goods, tools, or building supplies distributing business easy!

Wholesale Distributors Manage your wholesale business with easy order entry and order management, advanced price rules, multi-location management and much more!

Wine Liquor and Wineries Use NCR Counterpoint's POS in your wine or liquor store to sell products in-store and online, manage vendors, and automate purchasing. Learn More...

Everything you need to run your retail business.

Point Of Sale Solutions

We offer all-in-one point of sale terminals along with sleek and durable point of sale peripherals to make check out easy! Offer your shoppers superior retail experiences no matter your size, where you operate or what kinds of customers you serve.


Our payment solutions offer innovation uniquely geared towards embracing new payment types and addressing future regulatory compliance requirements. We have uncompromising security with comprehensive Pin-Pad-to-Processor encryptions ensuring that no unencrypted data ever resides within the retailer enterprise.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

New Customers and steady stream of regulars…you want them both. With customizable reward and gift card programs our solution helps you quickly sign, rollout and mange marketing services and attract new customers and keep your regulars coming back.

Inventory Management

Enable a richer consumer experience by improving operational functions that support your enterprise. Track where and how much merchandise is available, update merchandise counts, and manage damaged inventory throughout your enterprise.

Order Management

Keep tabs on where and when your orders are moving throughout your enterprise.Our robust system keeps tabs on your order history for any order needing attention (new orders, those that have not been filled within a specified time frame, etc.) and routes it to be appropriately processed. This can involve sending notification emails, splitting orders that could not be fulfilled in a single location, and more.

Customer Management

Learn detailed, relevant information about your shoppers’ behavior, helping you deliver a customized experience that keeps shoppers captivated. Deliver unified messaging across channels to build presence and affinity for your brand.Create highly customized marketing and promotional campaigns to continuously engage your customers.