Since 1998 – Pigeons Be Gone has been serving the Las Vegas area including Henderson, NV – Summerlin, NV and the rest of Southern Nevada with Pigeon Control Services, Pigeon Trapping and Removal, Pigeon Cleanup, and Commercial Pigeon Services. Please see our Client Reviews as well as our Client List. Call us for your pigeon control and pigeon removal needs.

Effective pigeon control falls into two categories: Pigeon control & pigeon removal.

Pigeon control encompasses the various methods used to eliminate or deter pigeons from landing, roosting, and nesting. Pigeon removal involves the use of humane pigeon traps to remove a pigeon infestation. Pigeon trapping is used when pigeons have been left to reproduce on a property and have exceeded a small flock or 6-8 birds. Pigeons Be Gone utilizes a variety of these pigeon deterrent and elimination approaches to help solve pigeon problems for both commercial and residential properties. Pigeons Be Gone can help you choose the right solution for your specific problem. Our goal is to help you solve your pigeon problem in the most effective and economical way. Pigeons Be Gone’s methods of eliminating pigeons are listed below. At times, we find a combination of these services is the best approach to solving your pigeon problem.

Pigeons Be Gone specializes in pigeon exclusion screens, bird spikes, bird netting (Stealthnet), humane pigeon trapping, pigeon waste cleaning and disinfecting.

Exclusion Screening: When eliminating pigeon nesting within eaves & under A/C units, we have found the screening to be most effective. We begin by removing all nests and debris, thoroughly clean & disinfect the area, then apply the screening material. Our heavy duty 14 gauge, 2×2” galvanized steel screen prevents pigeons from re-nesting once permanently affixed to the home.  Screening can be custom painted to match the color of any structure and won’t rust.  We offer a lifetime guarantee, ensuring the pigeons will never re-nest in the treated area(s).  There isn’t another pigeon or pest control company in Las Vegas that can claim to have had a lifetime nesting guarantee for the past 20 years.

Bird Spikes: Virtually invisible, bird spikes prevent pigeons from nesting & roosting on ledges, window sills, roof peaks, etc. Manufactured of stainless steel, bird spikes provide up to 5 years of bird free surfaces. This product is humane, aesthetically pleasing, & most of all affordable.

Bird Netting: StealthNet provides the most permanent, low visibility solution for pigeons that are nesting around and/or under air conditioning units. StealthNet is the most versatile bird exclusion product offered as it can be customized to fit any size area and is easily accessible to service people. Made of UV resistant polyethylene twine, the net will last for 5 years when properly maintained.

Pigeon Trapping: When a property becomes inundated with a flock of pigeons (6-8 or more), a trapping program must be initiated to eliminate the birds residing at the subject property. Many times, this is the first step in effective pigeon control. Typically, a trapping program spans approximately 30 days, utilizing two phases: baiting & trapping. Our custom made traps allow us the most safe & effective method of bird elimination available to the consumer. The trapping approach eliminates the need for poisons which can be harmful to both humans & their pets.  Trapping programs are offered only through the months of September through May for humane removal due to our extreme summer temperatures.

Pigeon Waste Cleaning: Pigeons nest in their own feces. As a result, the majority of nesting & roosting areas contain dangerous fungi and bacteria that are potentially harmful to humans. To eliminate accumulation of droppings the site is first brush cleaned and/or vacuumed to eliminate the bulk of the droppings. The area is then pressure washed & special enzymatic disinfectants are applied, breaking down the remainder of the droppings. These products are non-toxic, environmentally safe, non-flammable & biodegradable.



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